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Mobile Website Design

Are you ready to convert your website for mobile devices?

Here are some principles about mobile Web design that you should take note of before proceeding to build one of your own:

  • Your site must use CSS for the layout to ensure maximum compatibility. Avoid using tables.
  • It is easiest if your site is coded using either XML or XHTML, with your character encoding set at UTF-8.
  • You have to consider that different mobile devices have different screen sizes. Design and build with a “fluid” layout in mind.
  • Remember to put all the most important information that you want mobile users to see on the top of the page like site search and navigation. It can be time consuming to browse through a mobile site, not to mention tedious to read through. Make your mobile site design convenient for your consumers.
  • Design for fingers. Click targets should be a minimum of 30-40px in size and use whitespace in between elements to ease clickability.
  • Keep download time in mind. Avoid background images… they can reduce readability in certain lighting conditions. Combine smaller images, like icons, into one file and use css to position them on the page. This reduces the number of http requests your device has to make. Lastly, reduce size of images and minify javascript.
  • Forms can be difficult to use on a mobile device. Since text is time consuming to enter, you may want to offer your user the convenience of radio buttons and lists, which they can choose from depending on what they need. Also, reduce the number of screens a user passes through to complete a form. Form labels should be top aligned rather than left aligned to save space.
  • Forms should require the minimum amount of data input and should remember the data for the next time a user visits the site.
  • Most browsers don’t support plugins or extensions
  • Lastly, the phrase “less is more” holds true to mobile design. Avoid using unnecessary graphics.


A few benefits of having a mobile website are:

  1. Faster loading time. Mobile websites are a more streamlined version of your desktop website. The lack of unnecessary multimedia allows the pages to load faster when accessed. The less a new customer has to wait to get to your website, the better.
  2. Attracts customers. Every customer wants to deal with a company on which he can rely. When potential customers see that they access your services on mobile devices easily, they know that they can rely on being able to access your services or information regardless of location.
  3. Search engines index mobile websites separately. The Google search engine lists mobile websites separately from desktop ones and the list is a lot less populated. This offers companies with mobile website a competitive edge when their keywords are searched.
  4. Mobile Internet usage will soon surpass desktop usage. In the next five years, the majority of the 93% of Americans that have cell phones will be accessing the Internet on mobile devices. It’s best to catch on to the trend ahead of time to ensure that you can leverage it to the best of your ability.

Are you currently using a mobile website for your start up? Leave us a comment and let us in on your results!

Mobile Website Pricing

Features Basic Enhanced Enhanced w/ SEO
Design and build of mobile pages ? ? ?
Design / branding consistent with existing website ? ? ?
Automatic resizing and adjustment ? ? ?
Install / code provided to redirect mobile visitors ? ? ?
Click to email function ? ? ?
Click to call function ? ? ?
Ability to turn mobile site on/off ? ? ?
Location map ? ? ?
Addition of YouTube video (if applicable) ? ? ?
Addition of Google Analytics visitor tracking ? ? ?
Development of mobile sitemap ? ? ?
Setup of web form ? ?
SEO for mobile ?
Call tracking number for monthly ROI tracking Additional $200/mo. Additional $200/mo. Additional $200/mo.
Custom programming Call for quote Call for quote Call for quote
Database integration Call for quote Call for quote Call for quote
Initial Investment: $1,400 $2,200 $2,800

We can also create a Mobile Application fusing your social networks such as (Twitter/Facebook/Youtube/Website RSS Feeds/Photos/Videos) for smartphones such as Iphone, Blackberry, Androids, Ipads!


MOBILE APP FEATURES Mobile Bronze Mobile Silver Mobile Gold
Design and build of mobile pages Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Integration (Facebook/Twitter/Youtube/Blog) Yes Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes Yes
Iphone x Yes Yes
Windows x Yes Yes
Blackberry x Yes Yes
Ipad x x Yes
Push Notifications x x Yes
Statistics x x Yes
Monetize x x Yes
MONTHLY FEE: $49 $89 $99
SETUP: $299 $399 $499